Three Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House in 7 Days

Do you need to sell your house fast and move on? Well, are you planning to approach a Realtor with your request sell my house?

Today, as a homeowner you have many options you can approach with your request ‘buy my house’. You need to select the right option based on your requirements.

Your decision to sell your house may have stemmed from the fact that you have plans to move out of city for personal or professional reasons; the house has become too big or too small for your current family requirements and plan on buying a house that meets your requirements, need cash for investments, etc. These are some of the major reasons most homeowners face when they approach real estate market with the intentions to ‘sell house fast’.

The complex real estate market confused you throwing many options at you. Selecting the right partner to help you with your request is challenge. You need to bear in mind your requirements for even putting your house on sale on the market. You decide to sell house, as you need money, you do not have time or patience to manage demanding tenants, etc., however real estate companies cannot help you with the best possible solution given your constraints of time and money. As intermediaries, and not actual buyers themselves, they will make efforts to help you find an individual buyer for your house.

Traditionally, Realtors have the number one contacts for homeowners who enter the real estate market with their request buy my house. However, the process that these traditional real estate agents follow have led too dissatisfaction among many homeowners with its time consuming, expensive nature.

First off, real estate companies are not direct and actual buyers, they will help you find an individual buyer, who is looking for a ready-to-move in house. Therefore, working as a consultant for both parties the buyer and the seller, real estate companies want to make sure that both the parties get a satisfactory deal. The buyer should get a clean, neat, functional house so he is happy.  On the other hand, they want homeowners to get a good offer from the buyer, so they would request you to make your house look attractive to prospect. However, all of this would be time consuming and require additional cash investment. Typically, a real estate agency would require several months about 6-12 months to help you sell your house.

Secondly, approaching real estate agents is not only time consuming and requires further financial investment on the house you plan to sell, but it is also frustrating for home owners to clean the house and stage it for every prospect that shows only interest. Well, many prospects may show interest in the house and might visit the place for a quick inspection, but may not actually make an offer. Every time a prospect schedules an inspection, you will have to clean, and stage the house, leading to loss of time and frustration.

Thirdly, real estate agents do not work for charity; of course, not many of us do charity work much. Realtors’ earn a living acting as intermediaries helping you with your request sell my house, so they charge real estate commissions, which would be about 6% of the sale value. Now, as a homeowner you would not be happy parting with that much money, especially after spending further, time and money and going through frustration approaching a traditional realtor.

Not to worry, homeowners who have a request “buy my house” should understand that they need to contact someone who can directly, buy the house and not help them sell the house, right?

Professional home buying companies are the direct buyers, real estate investors with huge cash reserves and an understanding of the home sellers’ requirements. With this understanding, they have devised an easy, simple, and quick method to help homeowners sell house fast in 7 days.

Direct buyers understand that homeowners may not be interested in repairs and renovations of the house, hence these we buy houses companies make an offer on your house in any condition saying we buy houses As Is.  They make a quick one-time inspection of the house to evaluate the value, so you do not have to go through the frustration of cleaning and staging the house for multiple prospects. Finally, they make quick cash for house competitive offer – without charging you any real estate commissions – within few minutes of such inspection and help you sell house in 7 days!