The Best Way to Sell Your Home As Is

Before going ahead with the actual details of “As Is,” let’s give you some basic info first.

What does selling your house “As Is” really mean?

Essentially, when you say sell your house “As Is,” it means selling the house in its current condition without undertaking any additional work in the form of repairs, maintenance, renovations, etc. No matter what your house is like, you can sell it in its very condition to We Buy Homes house buyers. Typically, when selling “As Is,” it is understood that:

  • If you choose to sell your home “As Is” it means that there are apparent issues with your place which you do not have to fix. In the traditional home buying market, to sell house As Is is simply impossible. Unless of course it’s in mint condition! If by chance it is sold, then you are likely to get a lower amount.

Although, selling your house “As Is” not only denotes selling houses that are not in a great shape, but well-kept houses too can be sold “As Is”.

Reason as to why some homeowners prefer selling their inherited home in the “As Is” condition

Most often, inherited homes are sold in the “As Is” condition. An inherited home is one which has been passed down from generations. And hence, as time passes by, the condition of the house is prone to deterioration; especially if the house hasn’t been well-kept. Furthermore, if the heir to the home has already established a life elsewhere with a secure job, family and everything, then there is barely a chance that they would move to the inherited home. Not only is it difficult to maintain the inherited home, but maintenance of two houses is not everyone’s cup of tea! Moreover, why unnecessarily clutter and disrupt your already set routine.

Okay, if selling the house is not an option then as a homeowner, you can think of renting it. But, landlording too is a challenge. You need to spruce up the place, and make it livable and inviting, so that potential tenants would be inspired to move in. And this means, extra efforts, and a dent in your pocket too. Moreover, landlording is not easy and it’s a constant activity. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the house continually – making sure the tenants are happy, neighbors are happy and all maintenance is undertaken by you. You’ve got a task on your hands!

Bottom line, it’s not easy selling your house.

Let’s see why you want to sell your house “As Is”

  • Costly repairs – If you are in no position to make any repairs to your home, due to some financial or other issues, then selling your house “As Is” to home buyers is the best way out!
  • Stress involved in selling a home – Until and unless you are pushed into a situation where you are required to sell your home, you will not be able to understand the stress that you have to endure. Maybe you’re old, sick, strapped for time and money or just want to sell your house fast – whatever it is, the situation can be an encumbrance. Evade all this, and sell your house in as little as 7 days to house buyers. Forget stress when you go the “As Is” way!
  • Financial issues – If financial problems have bogged you down, you can come out of them with ease when you take the house buyers’ way. Take away that heavy weight from your shoulders and start afresh.

Who to approach to sell your home “As Is”?

It’s house buyers, and in addition to the “As Is” benefit, offer other advantages like:

  • They will buy your house in its current condition as mentioned earlier. Apart from buying your house in the “As Is” condition, they will give you all cash offer wherein at closing you will be paid all cash for your house!
  • Unlike paying the usual 6% fees or commissions to “Realtors,” going with house buyers, you can avoid paying anything extra.
  • If you want to sell your house fast, then with house buyers, you can have your house sold in as little as 7 days.
  • There are no middlemen involved in this process. You directly deal with homebuyers.

It’s not worth waiting any longer. It’s time to set the ball rolling by getting in touch with house buyers. Now you know the best way to sell your home “As Is”, so what are you waiting for?!