Advantages of a Cash Home Buyer Over a “Realtor” – Learn more!

Here are a couple drawbacks and also some advantages of engaging a “Realtor” over a cash home buyer anywhere where you live, be it, Virginia, Washington, DC, or even Maryland.

House buying and selling guidelines followed by “Realtors”

 You own a house, say in Virginia, Washington DC, or even Maryland and you have decided to sell your house either to upsize or downsize, or it’s relocation, health issues, or a job promotion. And as is practice, you connect with a “real estate agent” to help you put the house on the market. And yes, after all the due diligence is completed, “Realtors” help you sell your house by connecting you to prospective buyers.

 And “Realtors” do not just jump into the bandwagon; they will independently take stock of the condition of your house, make suggestions about what you need to do to the house before you feature it in the real estate market. And it could be renovation, repairs, and a spring cleaning of sorts that needs to be carried out.

 Further to this, you take the advice of the “Realtor” and you follow the house cleaning and revamping steps accordingly and once everything seems to be in order, your house is put up for sale and this is made visible both online and offline.

 The “Realtor” will let you know the trending prices, but you also carry out some research on your own to understand what the market prices are like. And accordingly, you arrive at a figure that you think will be a suitably good price for your house in Virginia, Washington DC, or say Maryland.

 Adverts will be placed in front of your house, indicating your house is for sale and the “Realtors” will also feature it on their website and a couple other property websites, and the advert will be supported by good pictures and pertinent information and these days, this is what garners more buyers, as the internet has become the very means for all interactions.

 And in the course of it, a couple open houses have to be planned out and on those days, buyers can just walk in and see the place before they go forward.

 When going with “Realtors” nothing is predictable. The time to sell your house could take up to 6-12 months or more, or in some cases it can be faster too. But, the general rule of thumb and also the market conditions determine that it does take time to sell your house.

What comes when going with a “real estate agent” or “Realtors”?

1. “Realtors” come with a price. Yes. It is their business and it is but expected. They do have costs, charges, and a commission payable, when the sale goes through. So, there’s a lot of expenditure when it comes to selling your house the “Realtors” way.

2. Time taken to sell your house cannot be predicted. Your house could be on the market for a relatively short or say even a longer time. There’s no time guarantee of any sorts here.

3. And your house should be in top-notch conditions anytime and every time and for how long you don’t know, till you can sell your house that is.

And now what are the advantages of a Cash Home Buyer over a “Realtor”:

 Dealing with cash home buyers is a breeze. They seem like a chilled out lot and don’t have any conditions per se. They do not ask you to prep, repair, and clean your house. They believe in the mantra, buy the house “As Is” in the condition it is in. If your house is old or new, ugly or pretty and its location and size too doesn’t matter. If you take the offer price, then they complete it all in as little as 7 days and even give you cash for your house.

 They do not believe in any hidden contingencies or charges. And there are no fees or commissions to be paid at the end of the sale of your house.

 The advantages of a cash home buyer over a “Realtor” don’t just end here. The offer price for your house is almost given instantaneously, either over the phone or in person. And immediately after, paperwork is on and you have sold your house in as little as 7 days.

 Situations are what determine our actions. So if you have to sell your house immediately because of a transfer, marriage, or you are in the red financially, some persisting health and old age problems, you think cash home buyers will be advantageous as compared to real estate agents.

The advantages of a cash home buyer over a “Realtor” have been listed. Now, over to you, the ball’s in your court!